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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


We celebrated Gabby's 1st birthday on April 21, 2007.
(her actual birthday is April 24). We had a huge turnout and a fantastic
time! She loved every second of it! Of course, we took a gazillion pics, but this is
just a small representation of them.
The theme was #1 (pink, of course).
We'd like to thank everyone who joined us to celebrate!
We give an extra thanks to Grandma & Paw Paw for helping out so much with the party.
We'd like to also give an extra thanks to Kristen who made the adorable outfit
Gabby is wearing!

More Birthday Pics

Birthday Tasties!

Walkin' in the front yard

I just thought this pic was cute. She loves
being outside.

Fun in the tub

Easter picture that was actually taken on Easter day!

All of the other Easter pics were taken before the actual holiday.
This was taken in Gabby's grandma's front yard. She, Gabe, Dylan and I went there
for Easter lunch.
No egg hunt this year. She is slightly too young to understand it.
Next year, though!

Random photos - cuz I've been slacking on posting

The top 3 are Easter pics of Gabby & Will

Gabby walkin' with her daddy in the front yard.

Gabby's first big playdate.